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White Fire



White Fire Dankwoods

White Fire OG which is some of the time called WIFI OG is an indica-predominant crossbreed strain (60/40 indica) of cannabis. Its THC level normally comes to up to 25 percent while its CBD content is very low – by and large around 0.5 percent. The home producer will discover various phenotypes of White Fire Dankwoods available which remain consistent with the strain’s profile in different degrees. For instance, you may discover plants with conventional barrel-molded nugs – remaining consistent with its unique hereditary qualities – or an increasingly funnel-shaped shape, which late raisers have started developing. The fragrance and taste may fluctuate marginally too and are persistently being enhanced. It was this kind of hereditary variety in cannabis that has prodded big names like Wiz Khalifa to build up their own image of Kush.


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