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Banana OG

Banana OG Dank Vapes Cartridges 

Banana OG Dank Vapes and vapes really taste (and scents) like bananas. Indeed, this magnificent strain raises the stakes somehow further by possessing a scent like naturally ready bananas. Also providing a mildly titillating banana-like energy shot as well.

This outlandish and tropical vape is delicious and inspiring – genuinely a wellspring of happiness and joy for the individuals who get their hands on a not too bad example. Far better, Banana OG dank vapes have an extraordinary and amazing history as it originates from a long queue of Kush strains that have left their blemish on the cannabis world.

Starting from the West Coast and ascending to turn into a Top-5 strain in numerous famous California and Colorado dispensaries. Banana OG strain has really made a ground-breaking name for itself

Being the brain forth of two other weed symbols – Ghost OG crossover and Skunk hybrid– the way that Banana Kush communicates its qualities aren’t just one of a kind yet in addition amazingly useful for specific people who look for restorative comfort with the plant.

Medical Benefits of Banana OG Dank Vapes

While the Banana OG strain can possibly help with some physical agonies and diseases. It has a significant effect especially in transit it impacts the psyche – settling on it an appropriate decision for those experiencing everyday stress or a ceaseless mindset issue.

Patients adapting to sorrow, tension, absence of center could all discover some help from Banana OG strain. For these people particularly, however, it is significant not to over-expend weed as high measures of THC. Now and again antagonistically influence those with emotional well-being issues or initiated uneasiness.

How much THC does Banana OG have

THC levels in the Banana OG dank vapes are high matching 75%-98%  THC content


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